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Newnan Painting Contractor Company

We Paint Homes & Businesses in Newnan, GA

Welcome to Mr. Newnan Painter. We are excited to have you learn about our company and have you interested in our local painting services. When it comes to painting we do it all. We paint homes, businesses, decks, garage floors, window seals, doors, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, ceilings, and even do minor drywall repair. We Specialize in Painting!

We have been painting a long time and we only paint one way, the right way. We use high quality products and practices to make sure our painting lasts a long time.

Why Choose Mr. Newnan Painter?

Of course every company is going to say they are the best company. However, we are not the best company for everyone.

Who Are We The Best For?

  1. For customers that want high quality paint to be used on their project.

    We don’t use low quality paint. Why? Because it doesn’t hold up well and last for a long time. Only really rich people can afford to hire cheap painters who use cheap products because they can hire them again and again.

  2. For customers that want the paint job to look and feel flawless.

    We have been painting for a long time and we only paint one way, the right way. This means that our painting will look and feel amazing.

  3. For customers that demand professionals who are easy to communicate with and great at meeting and exceeding expectations.

    Our clients really appreciate the fact that we are easy to communicate with and great at exceeding expectations.

  4. For customers that want to know what is going to happen and when in regards to their paint project.

    We communicate time frames, project details, and plans to our customers.

  5. For customers that want a local company that cares.

    We are local and offer the type of local care that so many people look for when hiring local professionals.

What We Paint in Newnan

When it comes to painting homes and businesses we practically do it all. This is a list of the various things that we paint and types of painters we are in Newnan, GA.

  1. Homes Painters
  2. Interior Wall Painters
  3. Door Painters
  4. Ceiling Painters
  5. Trim and Baseboard Painters
  6. Kitchen Cabinet Painters
  7. Bathroom Cabinet Painters
  8. Garage Floor Painters
  9. Fascia Painters
  10. Stucco Painters
  11. Siding Painters
  12. Deck Painters
  13. Exterior Door Painters
  14. Window Seals and Framing Painters
  15. Shutter Painters
  16. Garage Door Painters
  17. Shed Painters
  18. Large Concrete Floor Painters
  19. mall Concrete Floor Painters
  20. Bathroom Painters
  21. School Painters
  22. Commercial Painters
  23. and more…

Mr. Newnan Painter offers free quotes to both residential and commercial customers. We welcome calls to inquire and schedule a free painting quote at your home or business in Newnan, GA or in the surrounding area.

Thanks so much for visiting our website and we look forward to giving you the best painting services and having you as a valuable customer.

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New Home Painters Newnan, Georgia

We loved working with this customer. One of the rooms had striped paint and we needed to smooth out the paint before painting over it.

You can see in one of the before pictures the room we are talking about. One of the walls had a yellow and gray stripe pattern and because of the stripe the two paints needed sanding. We sanded and prepared the wall properly before repainting the room.


Our Clients Say It Best!

Jun 15, 2015

Steve and his team were incredible to work with. I seriously can't say enough good things about Mr. Painter. They went the extra mile to ensure we were fully satisfied with the job. They take great pride in what they do and they do it well! I am not always…

~ Julie Mustian - Newnan, GA

Oct 10, 2016

Do fantastic work. DISCLAIMER: They are not the cheapest painters in Newnan, GA but if you want your home or business to be painted so that it lasts a long time and looks really good, you can't go wrong with Mr. Painter in Newnan.

~ Garret Merkley - Peachtree City, GA

Some Cities We Service

Thank you so much for your interest in our Newnan painting contractor company and services. Below is a list of some of the main cities we service in and around Coweta County, Georgia. First and foremost is Newnan, GA. We also serve Palmetto, Grantville, Peachtree City, Moreland, and other outlying cities.

We look forward to your call!